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"I was able to buy a condo at the tax auction... I bought it for $13,000 and i've rented it out for $850/month for a couple of years now..."

Tom - CA

Real Estate Investor

"2 houses in Less than 30 Days. 1 with luck and the other with a little work and a lot of luck!!... it just takes a couple hours a day. Thanks for all the lessons and support."

Jerry - NC

Real Estate Investor

Wow. What a busy day...Driving a few more properties... Crunching numbers, title searches with Josh...Lots of great training. Tomorrow we attend the actual auction. Can't Wait!


Real Estate Investor

I just want to say thank you for the ton of amazing knowledge you practically give away with the online courses and ebooks. I am going to start investing in tax deeds this year in Florida. I wish more people would be open minded to the endless possibilities with real estate. Thanks Again!


Real Estate Investor

So... probably about $50,000 in a short period of time.. And it's only been 2 months!"


Real Estate Investor

I just sold my 3rd tax deed property today. I have been listening to your trainings since 2013. I bought many other trainings from other people but only yours actually produced results... As you have said, every county is different. You just have to ask for the rules.


Tax Deed Investor

So we went to our first tax deed sale today without the intention of buying just to observe! It was so exciting there were less than 10 people there and 2 properties that sold for about $1200 over opening bid!

Lovely - CA

Real Estate Investor

"My first flip sold made $6,500 in less than 30 days only spent $600! My partner Jeff and I are blessed, we love life! Thank you Dustin and team for introducing me to this so i can provide for friends and family!"


Real Estate Investor
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