Who Am I?
Dustin Hahn is a Tax Lien/Tax Deed/Real Estate Investor and #1 best-selling author who helps people that want to use Tax Liens & Deeds as a way to create financial freedom for themselves. 

About Dustin Hahn:

Hi, I'm Dustin Hahn. 

Lets cut the fluff, Most "about me" pages are written in 3rd person by the owner of the site where they try to humbly boast and virtue signal about why they are so awesome, how perfect they are and why you should trust them and buy their stuff. 

I have decided to take a different approach on this "About Me" page. This is a letter from me to you as if we were sitting down having a drink or a cup of tea together. Because I did poorly in school don't expect masterful expose. 

I'm 39 years old and have been a full-time real estate investor for 16 years and have done around 300 deals. 

Before I became a Tax Liens & Deed investor I was working as a roughneck on an oil rig in Northern Canada. It was cold, like -40 cold. I was living in a camp for 3 weeks out of the month with no internet, no cell reception and 1 tv that I had to share with 40 guys. It sucked, I hated it and I was depressed. 

One night on the Oil Rig there was a malfunction and I should have lost my life. 20,000 lbs of metal came falling down and almost crushed me. 

That was my "enough is enough moment" I decided to study real estate and make a change. I signed up for a 3 day $6,000 Tax Liens & Deeds investing seminar that changed my life forever. 

6 months after taking that seminar I made $40,000 cash. At 20 years old this was enough money for me to move to the beach in Santa Barbara California. For the next 5 years partied and made a lot of mistakes. 

They say rock bottom is the ultimate foundation for success. Over the last 16 years I hit rock bottom a few times. I made mistakes, lost money on deals. I've been screwed over by people I trusted. I've had businesses that failed and I wouldn't trade it for the world because Pain + Reflection = Progress. 

In the last 16 years, I have written several books on tax liens & deeds and over 1 million people have seen my videos and I've helped many people become full-time investors and some have even become millionaires. 

But at the end of the day do you really care about that stuff? probably not that much. What you really want to know is can this guy help me make money with tax liens & deeds? For many readers, my answer is NO. I can't help you. 

Here's Why:


Most people are too afraid to take the risk to get into tax lien & deed investing

They want to wait until they have watched every video on youtube before they take action so they can be 100% certain they won't lose money or fail. 


From there, most people have shiny object syndrome. Going from one real estate course to another, only to waste 10 years and wake up 1 morning with regret wishing they would have bought property 10 years ago because it would be worth "X Amount Today" 


You're flat broke. Sure there are plenty of ways of doing real estate if you're flat broke but to be honest I would say the success rate for those people is about 1%. With real estate, it does take money to make money. But to be fair it's much less than you think. With real estate wholesaling its very possible to turn $15,000 to $20,000 into $100,000 in 6 to 12 months if you know what to do. 

You're Still Here? Good. Here's what you can expect from me:

Thing #1 To Expect:

Actionable strategies and tactics that you can start using today to help you make money with real estate. Every week I put out 2-3 free trainings on how to take your tax lien & deed investing to the next level. Currently on my youtube channel there are over 211 videos for you. 

Thing #2 To Expect:

Blatant sales pitches for my real estate training program. 

OMG!! did he just say he was going to try and sell me something? I kind of liked this guy up until now. How dare he!! 

One thing that makes me different than all of the other "Guru's" is the fact that tax lien & deed investing is my primary business. Every month my company does 3-5 deals. Most people selling courses don't actually do the business. 

Here's the thing though. My goal is to give you so much valuable free training that maybe one day you will say to yourself "this guys free stuff helped me a lot maybe I will try the paid stuff" 

Here's What To Do Next:

If you want to learn how to earn 18-24% return on your investment or buy properties for up to 90% off market value, then here's a video that will show you how I do it. 

On this training, I will show you how to invest in tax liens & deeds properly and i'll give you a free jump start program to tax liens & deeds. 

Thanks for reading,
-Dustin Hahn. 

P.s Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of myself with celebrities or pics of myself in front of lamb's or mansions. I will, however, post some pictures below to try and make myself look much cooler than I actually am. 

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